Challenges of Working Together


How Personality Similarities / Differences affect relationship – AT WORK or OUTSIDE?

In continuation to the previous case study…

What IF – A highly skilled but disorganized Doctor has to work with a very organized assistant / Nurse?

Dr. Scalpe is a renowned surgeon with over 20 years of practice. His skills are amazing and is globally known for his surgical abilities. He is also well known as a developer of newer techniques.

And he is always assisted by Nurse Perfect.

Before any surgery Nurse Perfect ensures that all the paperwork is complete, all the SOPs are double checked in the prep for the Operation Theatre. The instruments are well ordered and laid out. The Anaesthetist is reminded and case papers sent to all in the team. If Consultant doctors are required they are always pre notified to be on call. Radiologists, Path labs, Hospital admin are all in synchronicity when Nurse Perfect is in control of the Operation Theatre.PreOp is always clockwork with Nurse Perfect around.

She is so thoroughly proactive and planful that every small detail is always thought out proactively by her and her team of OT nurses.

Many of Dr. Scalpe’s peers credit Nurse Perfect for his reputation and success.

Dr. Scalpe, on the other hand, is purely focussed on his medical skills. He is oblivious to all the support that Nurse Perfect gives him.

Dr. Scalpe repeatedly scatters papers, is very cluttered and very spontaneous and moody…

Not only is he personally disorganized, he creates ambiguity and surprises by the minute.

Creating disharmony and constant pressure on Nurse Perfect.

She is always on tenterhook to manage these “mood based tantrums” of Dr. Scalpe!

Nurse Perfect always tries to discipline Dr. Scalpe and has only been unsuccessful.

And the more she tries the more he rebels!

She is at her wits end and is constantly wondering if there is ANY way to remedy this situation?


What are the tugs and pulls likely if a highly skilled but disorganized Doctor has to work with a very organized assistant / Nurse?

Please share any such similar experiences you may have come across.

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