PART – II ANALYSIS using Five Factor Model

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Let us study the Personality of the three characters in this movie which may answer the Q posed…

Using the Five Factor Model Scales C-A-N-O-E


Miranda Priestly, the ever demanding and unsatisfied boss. She is known as much for her icy demeanor, as for her outstanding power within the fashion world.

Miranda the BOSS clearly demonstrates the following TRAITS

– Highly Goal Focused (High on the C-Conscientiousness scale)

  • High Achiever
  • Highly Organised, Driven/Motivated, Perfectionist and detail-oriented

A – An extreme Challenger (Low on Agreeableness scale)

  • My way or High Way – Rigid, Opinionated and Arrogant
  • Very low modesty (high Pride), Self-needs always a priority

N – Cool, Calm and Resilient (Low on the N-Negative Emotionality scale)

  • Calculating, Forthright, Confident but rare show of anger, very collected and in control of emotions

O – Appears to have varied interests (High on the Openness scale)

  •   Scheming, Has complex strategies, creative

E – Appears to be Ambiverted (Middle of the Extraverted scale)

  •    Appears comfortable in doing things alone and in large gatherings

Emily Charlton the always wanting to please Secretary

Her primary trait characteristic demonstrated is right sided Accommodation – Servile, but having self-needs


Andrea, the doe eyed diminutive and submissive newcomer who eventually makes her own choices!

C – Goal Focused (High on the C-Conscientiousness scale)

  • High achiever but flexible
  • Highly Driven/Motivated, somewhat Organised with a need for Perfection and detail and comfortable with some degree of multitasking

A – A centric trait of how can I create a Win-Win (Middle on Agreeableness scale)

  • More modest, Has a continuous need to serve especially her Boss

N – Has some nervous edge (Middle to right on the N-Negative Emotionality scale)

O – Appears to have varied interests (High on the Openness scale)

  • Likes complexity, creates strategies to cope with the challenges, is creative and is an explorer

E – Appears to be more Extraverted than her boss (High on the Extraverted scale)

  • Appears comfortable in doing things with others most of the time.

AS we paint a Personality Picture of the three characters, we can clearly see the needs of the BOSS and

The movie is all about the struggles that people around Miranda have with the demands that she continuously makes…

Is there a solution?

Well clearly not…. Miranda will continue to achieve success with her personality, she will be demanding and will get her way – this way or that…. With the single minded Achievement Motivation. Very few Relationships matter to her…

In the end, one almost sees her respecting Andrea as she decides to go in her own career direction after delivering on ALL the demands made by Miranda.

Challengers may find other Challengers adversaries and will do everything to win BUT will also have the most respect for the other Challenger!




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