Interview with Apoorva Karandikar, Jewellery Designer!


In our pursuit to assist the youth make academic/career choices, we have interviewed several successful individuals. In this edition, we have interviewed Apoorva Karandikar who is a Jewellery Designer, who makes exclusive handmade jewellery.

Apoorva holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and has decided to make her love for Jewellery into a professional career.

Read on to find what she has to share about her profession as a Jewellery Designer.

CB5: Please share some detail about your current professional activities. What do you do?

AK: I am Apoorva Karandikar from Avni- Handmade Designer Jewellery, at ‘AVNI’, I believe in creating unique handmade jewellery which is also easy on the pocket. I make handcrafted wire jewellery, commissioned glass mosaics and conduct jewellery making workshops. You can check all my work on


CB5: How did you decide on pursuing Jewellery Designing? What made you eventually study Jewelry Design?

AK: I have always been a jewellery person. I have loved wearing and making jewellery quite early on in life. I used to conduct jewellery exhibitions between semesters while doing BSc, Computer Science as a source of some extra pocket money. In the third year of college, I was confused, whether to do my Masters or change the field. By the time I graduated, I found my calling in the field of jewellery and I decided to follow my passion. I did a diploma in Gemology and Diamond Grading, a Jewellery Design course from JRVGTI and later an advanced Jewellery Design course from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Mumbai.


CB5: When and how did you get into your current area of work? What were/are your motivators?

AK: After doing Gemology and Diamond Grading and the designing course I knew what I wanted to do. I was clear on one thing, that I didn’t want to get into the real precious jewellery making/ designing. That is when I decided to start on my own in April 2013. Back then there weren’t any workshops or classes where one could go and learn jewellery making. So I had to refer to a lot of books and learn it on my own through trial and error. I started out with basic assembled jewellery and then moved on to terracotta and then wire.

I love trying out different mediums to make jewellery. So far I have been using – Terracotta Clay, Thai Clay, Micro Mosaics, Stained Glass, Wire, and Crochet.

Wire jewellery is a fascinating world. There is so much that one can do with it from basic wire jewellery to the complicated work like wire weaving, wire wrapping, wire crochet. It is one of the most versatile mediums that I’ve worked with. I love learning and creating new things. My willingness to learn motivates me to experiment. I had recently started learning how to crochet using wool. That inspired me to crochet using Brass and Copper.

In 2015, I started taking jewellery making workshops. I teach at various studios across the city. I also do commissioned Glass Mosaic projects. Glass Mosaic is the art of hand cutting the glass and creating designs.


CB5: What do you enjoy most about your current profession?

AK: The freedom to be creative. I absolutely love what I do. Working with wire and glass is super fun. I enjoy my flexible hours, I can work on my own time and I can choose my own projects.

CB5: In your opinion what are your success factors? What elements of your personality help in this success?

AK: When you’re starting out on your own it is very important to not give up. I do not give up when things get tough. My willingness to figure out a way around problems and the hard-working nature really helped me a lot with my work.


CB5: What are the significant achievements in your present career that you would like our readers to know?

AK: My work has been published in Femina magazine, Sakal times. My work has been talked about in blogs. I have taught more than 250 people till now.

Other than that, I guess something that matters to me is to see how much I’ve grown with each passing day and how much I can still grow. I single-handedly manage everything. I design, make and manufacture my jewellery. I pack, dispatch and showcase at exhibitions. I manage my website and all my social media handles. Most of the times I also do the photography for my products along with the necessary editing. I teach at various institutes and take mosaic orders. A lot of stuff that I do can be delegated but the thing is that when you’re starting out and trying to make a mark you have to cut down on the extra expenses. However, in this process, you get to learn and do so many new things.


CB5: What were some of the sacrifices you had to make to reach the level of success that you have achieved?

AK: Well I wouldn’t call them sacrifices as such but since I changed my field completely there was a certain expectation from me to perform and make things happen. My parents have always been very supportive of everything. But at times one gets the creative blocks and might end up questioning everything. I would suggest you put your head down and power through. You may not end up earning as much as other people your age but it’s extremely important to love what you’re doing.

CB5: Would you have any advice for the younger generation, especially someone who is at crossroads trying to select an education path, say someone between ages 14-21 years?

AK: I would like to tell you that it is completely okay to feel lost or confused. Very few people know exactly what they want to do in life. Try and get information about different professions, talk to people, get advice and see what you like. You don’t have to follow the herd and do the thing everyone is doing. But at the same time if you’re venturing on your own then you have to be ready to work hard and stick to your decision.


CB5: Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?

AK: Follow your passion and work towards it. Give your 100% and it will all work out.

CB5: Thank you for sharing with us your Career journey. We are sure that our readers will benefit from your experiences and personal insights.

Your story is not only insightful but is also inspirational for one to follow his/her passion.  

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