Personality Challenges to Prioritisation & Time Management

Prioritisation and Time Management

Personality or “Swabhav” will have a direct impact on Prioritisation and Time Management.

Using the Big5 model of Personality C-A-N-O-E (see it is easy to identify the impact of specific elements of personality.

A combination of personality traits as below is a sure shot predictor:

C: ConscientiousSpontaneous and Less Goal orientation;

specifically more Impulsive ie less Planful and more Distracted ie less Focussed


A: Agreeableness – more Deferring to others; giving in to others priorities

specifically Selfless, Harmony Seeking & unwilling to Say “No” (non-assertive)


O: Openness to new experiences

Further one can be mindful of the following potential distractors like –  

C: Conscientiousness Too focussed on a task (losing track of time as one is too focussed on the task at hand)

E: Extraversion – like to engage with people all the time

specifically Talkativeness (losing track of time due to the need to talk)

N: Negative Emotionality

Anxiety, Recovery, Diffidence (Self-doubt leading to delay in action)

In Managerial Context:

MicroManagement can eat into Time:

More Detail orientation, Need for Perfection, Skepticism (lower Trust) and Risk aversion (Analysis – Paralysis) can lead to challenges to Time Management

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