High Detail Oriented Manager!!!


How Personality Similarities / Differences affect relationship – AT WORK or OUTSIDE?

Mr. Katekor is the supervisor of a Production Line in an Automobile Company!

As his name suggests nothing escapes him. Every detail every fine element is noticed by him…

Further, he is a black belt trainer in Kaizen and 6Sigma process methodologies.

Can we imagine what his subordinates think of him?

A few adjectives/nouns, comments used to name him are  –

“Microscope”, Give him a needle in a Haystack and he will find it!

Oh, God… One more review with him

And then there are some smart cookies who simply upward delegate….

“Sir… what do you think we should do to improve the quality of this component?”

His team is always pressured and feel that they are always being watched. Mr. Katekor does not tolerate any slippages and he publicly gives feedback on mistakes (even minute ones).

He is always putting his team members down.

However, his bosses are very happy with Mr. Katekor! And they don’t want to let him move from being the Line in-charge!

Mr. Katekor has aspirations and wants to grow in the organization!

How can he move up the ladder? Can he find someone to take over his responsibilities – His need for Detail and High Perfection are his STRENGTH or DEAD WEIGHT??

What advice can we give Mr. Katekor?

Please share any such similar experiences you may have come across.

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