Challenges of Working Together!

How Personality Similarities / Differences affect relationship – AT WORK or OUTSIDE?


CASE STUDY 1: Dr. Orderly and Ms. Jenny

(Organised v/s less or disorganized)

Dr. Orderly is an Oncologist who loves to keep everything in order. His work desk is absolutely spick and span.

When a patient visits him, he expects a folder to be presented to him with the filing done perfectly.

His usual routine is to read the notes, pull out the pencil from his pocket (which is placed 2nd in order next to the Cross Gold pen) with a flair, circle the details of the patient and write down his comments next to the report data.

He has a structure to his conversation with the patient and at the end of the meeting, he has a specific place to write down the advice, referrals, tests and also likes to fix the next appointment.

Dr. O takes great pride in sharing that he has personally designed the format of the document (SOAP notes) for his OPD patients.

He is so meticulous and orderly that he immediately knows when Asst. Jenny (his skilled but somewhat tardy assistant) has touched his table. Either his paperweight has been moved, or the angle of the mouse or keyboard that he uses has been disturbed!

Asst Jenny is very experienced and learned. She has a wonderful temperament, which soothes and calms patients visiting Dr. O. Her first contact with the patient almost is magical and many patients look forward to the visit to Dr. O to be able to see Asst Jenny.

Unfortunately, Asst Jenny and Dr. Orderly have a standard daily spat! Dr.Orderly will want the Folders to be kept ready for him in a particular manner, with papers filed perfectly as desired by him and every day there is something amiss!

Sometimes the Paper has not been aligned when the filing was done (misaligned punch holes) to papers not stapled etc etc.. to more serious themes – wrong papers in the wrong file!!

Dr. Orderly yesterday was completely upset because one of the pages of the blood tests was missing from a patient’s file. It was subsequently found in the next patient’s folder!

Is there any way to remedy this situation? Should Dr. Orderly tolerate Asst Jenny?

Can he change her?


What are the tugs and pulls likely if a highly Organised doctor has to work with a disorganized assistant/nurse???

Please share any such similar experiences you may have come across.

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